Zero Downtime

Within highly available data centres, COREoperating runs critical applications with increasing security requirements according to client requests.

We provide the option of keeping IT and security systems safe and available in an optimum infrastructure, whether for a co-location project or for securing operational demands in the long term.

Our experts plan, construct, and operate these critical infrastructures and are sought-after points of contact when it comes to setting up and converting highly available back-end systems.


To combine the dynamics of change with the aim of operational stability, the development and operation of applications are increasingly integrated. This challenge is due to the apparent conflict of continuous delivery and the current spread between project/change and line/run. DevOps allows us to adequately meet our clients' time-critical business requirements.


The open source concept of containerisation, which is used by us, simplifies the provision of singular applications in containers through operating system virtualisation. Containers help separate the resources used on a server or in the cloud, so that it does not have access to the resources of other containers. Flexibly deployed locally, virtualised, or in the cloud, containers provide the ideal basis for the refactoring of IT architectures in complex and historically grown IT systems.


In COREoperating, we use only virtualised systems, since virtualisation allows for the abstraction of hardware, software and networks. In an overall sense, virtualisation is a term used to refer to software or hardware techniques that establish an abstraction layer between the user (or applications, or interfaces) and physical resources for the systems of our clients.