In order to implement effective and efficient process improvements at the interface between software development and system administration, the coordination of methods, procedures and tools to be used is essential. With the help of DevOps, the quality of the software, the speed of the code development and the delivery, and the cooperation of the involved teams are optimised.

With increased system safety, further results are ensured through the structural quality increase in the system provision. Our experts work extensively with DevSec aspects to efficiently and effectively meet both client security and stability requirements.


The overall goal for the application of DevOps is to make software available quickly and error free to an organisation for their business requirements. DevOps provides more frequent, stable and risk-minimised deployment cycles. Another important aspect is the increased employee motivation through regular, more continuous functions. Combined with these effects, DevOps organisations are more powerful and competitive in the market.


Information security must ensure the protection objectives of confidentiality, availability and integrity. Information security is used to protect against threats, avoid economic damage and minimise risks in our clients' systems. We support our clients' goals through active research and are members of leading initiatives to better position biometric security standards in the market.

Return on investment

Software is an intangible asset and requires regular care. Software systems, that are tightly and regularly maintained, which have high deployment rates and use automatic quality assurance in every development step, are on average significantly more efficient than system organisations with lower maintenance and release cycles. DevOps organisations are better positioned to realise higher returns on investment from software investments.